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Book a Van and make a difference!

Traveling with Cheeky Campers and simultaneously fishing out plastic waste from the world's oceans?

Thanks to our new partner, Tide Ocean, this is now possible. We've combined forces to combat ocean pollution. Current estimates suggest that around 100 million tons of waste are presently in the oceans, and this figure increases annually.

Tide Ocean's mission is to retrieve this waste from oceans and coastal areas in Southeast Asia and Mexico, recycle the collected material, and thus aid in ocean cleanup. Simultaneously, they create jobs and additional income for fishermen in regions most affected by pollution. The waste produced by humanity is increasingly threatening nature and wildlife.

With their mission to retrieve 1 billion plastic bottles from the sea, everyone can contribute to cleaning up the oceans. Protecting the environment has never been simpler, and you can easily support this goal with a donation. #ROADTO1BILLIONBOTTLES

Become a CHANGEMAKER with the donation feature during your next Cheeky Campers booking, making a significant impact in environmental protection. Starting now, you can effortlessly donate with a single click in our booking process, making a meaningful contribution to conservation with minimal financial effort.

It's essential for Cheeky Campers to approach camper expansion as sustainably and locally as possible. In the latest generation of Cheeky Vans, construction panels that contain a portion of #tide ocean material® are used.

All our campers consist of up to 95% recycled and sustainable materials. By integrating the Tide Ocean donation, we aim to make traveling with our campers even more eco-friendly. Donate now and support the fight against ocean plastic pollution during your next journey.

Begin your plastic bottle collection journey and become a CHANGEMAKER!

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