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This is what you've all been waiting for: The Cheeky Pass!

Your ticket to freedom. With our new Cheeky Pass you can now travel with our Cheeky Campers for a longer period of time. But that's not the only reason to be happy. At the same time, you also save with our long-term discount.
You can find out exactly what this looks like and what other advantages the Cheeky Pass brings with it in the magazine article here.

Vanlife is on everyone's lips right now. Many people buy a van, build it according to their own ideas and wishes and then travel for a longer period of time. A costly decision and not exactly for everyone. If you want to be a little more independent and don't want to invest directly in your own van, the offers are rather limited.

That's why we decided to give our customers the opportunity to try out van life with our Cheeky Campers and to decide flexibly for how long they want to be on the road.

You can find all the important information and book your Vanlife camper directly and easily on our website at . All you have to do is fill out the requested information and then send us a non-binding inquiry using the contact form.

The benefits of the Cheeky Pass:

  • be free, independent and travel longer

  • The longer you travel, the more you save

  • Part-time van life - you're still undecided as to whether van life is for you? Then try it out for a while

  • Do you want to escape everyday life, combine your home office with traveling or be on the road during parental leave/sabbatical? Then the Cheeky Pass is just the thing

  • Free kilometers and all-round worry-free insurance are included

Are you not completely convinced yet? Then we have another ace up our sleeve:

We offer you an extra discount if you travel longer with our campers.

You can get up to 50% discount on your camper booking if you book for longer than 22 days. The discounts vary depending on which season you want to travel in. You can find an overview of the general prices without discounts on our website at

Have we awakened your vanlife hunger with this? Well then, what are you waiting for...

Book your vanlife experience easily at

We're really looking forward to seeing you and can't wait to make your temporary van life possible!

Stay cheeky

your Cheeky Campers team

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